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SYTYCD Finale and Results show

I’ve been watching the show and was pleased by how the season turned out. However, when it came to the final few weeks, things dwindled. I have to say that Jess was cut far too early. He should have been in the final four instead of Tadd.

As for the Finale, it was a complete letdown. The disco was a disappointment, and the cha cha was a disaster. For the final week, I feel the dances where so so. I don’t think it is entirely the dancers fault. I know what it is like to dance day in and day out and the human body can only take so much. Maybe they were pushed past their limits.

I do have to offer my congratulations to Melanie for the win! She is a fantastic dancer and one of the most humble on the show this season. I was a fan of her since the statue dance in week one of the top 20. I wish her the best in her dancing career! Click here to see her solo from top 6 week. Nigel said it was probably the best solo they’ve ever seen on the show. I have to agree. It stands with Jeanine’s solo and Brandon’s solo from season 6 as a landmark in SYTYCD history.

Let’s dance!


Top 20 on SYTYCD

Tonight the top 20 dancers performed for the first time in couples. I must say, I think this is the best top 20 we’ve ever had on the show. I really enjoyed the whole episode, and all the varieties of dance.

Some highlights:

Pirouette of the night goes to Jess in his Broadway routine with Clarise. He was almost on his knees then as he spun he raised himself up. I’m so practicing that one in the studio tomorrow.

Ryan and Ricky’s lyrical hip hop was very intriguing. I think we’re going to see great things from Chris Scott’s choreography.

The next thought goes to Nick and Iveta. They had the dreaded quickstep. I knew it wouldn’t be a problem for Iveta, and I was scared for Nick, because I’ve been learning a quickstep routine for a performance coming up, and it is HARD! Intense footwork all while keeping a perfect frame on top is so daunting. But nick is a tapper! He nailed the footwork held his frame fine. He just needed to put his fingers together and their connection could have been a little closer in that closed position. But overall, I was very impressed with the both of them.

I’ve saved the best for last. Contemporary dancers Melanie and Marko danced a Travis Wall routine. It was about two statues that come alive at night and want to come closer to each other before morning comes again. I was in complete awe. The music was spectacular, and the dancing phenomenal. Neither dancer outshone the other, and each had amazing control of their bodies. This dance had my vote through and through. There are usually one or two routines a season that just take my breath away, and I wasn’t expecting one so early on. I hope there are many more to come this season!

Here they are (the dance starts at 1:38):

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SYTYCD Season 8 Premier

The Season 8 premiere of So You Think You Can Dance was incredible last night!  I think we’re going to have an amazing season.

The first contestant they showed, Melanie, also had an amazing audition. Her penche into the suicide summersault took my breath away.

One of my favorites from the night was Amber, the tall, spazzy jazz dancer with fantastic lines.  Her personality shown through her movement beautifully.

And lets not forget the B Boys! Timothy was fantastic. His transitions were some of the smoothest I’ve ever seen in break dancing before. There was also the guy in red shoes and skinny jeans that displayed a newer style of dance called “turfing.”  His gliding was incredible!

I can’t wait to see the rest of the auditions and who makes it into the top 20!

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Finals of Dancing with the Stars!

I usually don’t watch this show but for the sake of this blog I’ve been trying to keep up with the final episodes to make sure you’re in the know of what’s going on and what I think about it.

Monday night was the final chance that the stars had to prove themselves before the judges and all America. They were given a specific ballroom dance to do and then showcased their own choreographed freestyle.

Chelsea Kane started the show with a nice samba.  I liked her costume and the choreography went over very well. I can’t stand to watch the show at the beginning of the season just because the celebrities hardly know what they’re doing and it’s just disgusting to look at. But now that we’re at the end of the season, the stars know a lot more, and have been training hardcore for 10 weeks. Overall, Chelsea’s technique was pretty good and the dance looked like a lot of fun.

After her samba, she did her freestyle choreographed by her partner, Mark Ballas, which I think was my favorite dance of the night. It was so cool, and with the light up she’s and gloves, it was very fun.

Kirstie Alley went next and also did a samba. She won me over right away solely by the fact of how much she had improved since the first episode. She still was a little stiff but what she did with that body of hers was very impressive.  The best thing about her dance was the samba rolls. I’m a sucker for lots of random little things whenever it comes to music or dancing (you’ll learn more of them as we go along). Samba rolls is one of them.

Her Freestyle was very impressive. Her partner, Maksim Chmerkovsky was able to lift her several times and he made it look pretty easy.

Hines Ward and his partner, Kym Johnson started with a wonderful quickstep. I know enough quickstep myself to know that it is HARD.  He did a good job though! There were a few parts where I felt like I was actually watching a professional couple in a competition.  He did have a tiny trip, but that happens.

His freestyle had lots of drums and was supposed to be based off a kind of football game half-time-show thing. It was ok.

Last night was the results show and they announced Hines Ward as the winner of the Disco Ball Trophy. He did well throughout the season and it was well deserved. However, I am much more excited about the So You Think You can Dance premiere tomorrow!

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“So you think you can dance,” is my favorite dance show, and the new season is premiering in just about a week! I can’t wait to see what kinds of dancers we get this year! Last year was excellent. I’m not sure how I felt about how they brought all the “all-stars” back, but from the looks of things they wont be doing it again this summer. I love to see the contestants dance with each other.

What’s your favorite style of dance they do?

The power of contemporary?

The legitimacy of hip-hop?

The elegance and technique of ballroom?

Or maybe something more specific?

Whatever it is you like, we can talk about it here. I can’t wait for next Thursday to come! It’s going to be a great season!

Let’s Dance!

Let’s dance!

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