SYTYCD Finale and Results show

I’ve been watching the show and was pleased by how the season turned out. However, when it came to the final few weeks, things dwindled. I have to say that Jess was cut far too early. He should have been in the final four instead of Tadd.

As for the Finale, it was a complete letdown. The disco was a disappointment, and the cha cha was a disaster. For the final week, I feel the dances where so so. I don’t think it is entirely the dancers fault. I know what it is like to dance day in and day out and the human body can only take so much. Maybe they were pushed past their limits.

I do have to offer my congratulations to Melanie for the win! She is a fantastic dancer and one of the most humble on the show this season. I was a fan of her since the statue dance in week one of the top 20. I wish her the best in her dancing career! Click here to see her solo from top 6 week. Nigel said it was probably the best solo they’ve ever seen on the show. I have to agree. It stands with Jeanine’s solo and Brandon’s solo from season 6 as a landmark in SYTYCD history.

Let’s dance!


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