Matt Steffanina

My roommate randomly found this guy while looking up the song “Back Seat” by New Boyz. He’s a hip-hop dancer and he’s got some sick choreogrpahy to some hot songs.

I think his dance to Katy Perry’s ET is my favorite. I haven’t seen all his videos ( he has over 50!)

If you want to learn this dance you can watch his tutorial for it here.

This is his really fast dance to “Backseat”

You can go to his website at to learn more about him. Man I would love to go to one of his classes!

Here’s some more of his choreography:
Bass Down Low -DEV
Rock the Beat -LMFAO
Written In The Stars -Tinie Tempah
Coming Home -Diddy -Dirty Money


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  1. Backseat choreography is pretty cool..yea fast too…not quite there yet with hip hop..
    any tips for flexibility of neck movements? or is it just keep doing it everyday till the body gets it. haha.

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