Finals of Dancing with the Stars!

I usually don’t watch this show but for the sake of this blog I’ve been trying to keep up with the final episodes to make sure you’re in the know of what’s going on and what I think about it.

Monday night was the final chance that the stars had to prove themselves before the judges and all America. They were given a specific ballroom dance to do and then showcased their own choreographed freestyle.

Chelsea Kane started the show with a nice samba.  I liked her costume and the choreography went over very well. I can’t stand to watch the show at the beginning of the season just because the celebrities hardly know what they’re doing and it’s just disgusting to look at. But now that we’re at the end of the season, the stars know a lot more, and have been training hardcore for 10 weeks. Overall, Chelsea’s technique was pretty good and the dance looked like a lot of fun.

After her samba, she did her freestyle choreographed by her partner, Mark Ballas, which I think was my favorite dance of the night. It was so cool, and with the light up she’s and gloves, it was very fun.

Kirstie Alley went next and also did a samba. She won me over right away solely by the fact of how much she had improved since the first episode. She still was a little stiff but what she did with that body of hers was very impressive.  The best thing about her dance was the samba rolls. I’m a sucker for lots of random little things whenever it comes to music or dancing (you’ll learn more of them as we go along). Samba rolls is one of them.

Her Freestyle was very impressive. Her partner, Maksim Chmerkovsky was able to lift her several times and he made it look pretty easy.

Hines Ward and his partner, Kym Johnson started with a wonderful quickstep. I know enough quickstep myself to know that it is HARD.  He did a good job though! There were a few parts where I felt like I was actually watching a professional couple in a competition.  He did have a tiny trip, but that happens.

His freestyle had lots of drums and was supposed to be based off a kind of football game half-time-show thing. It was ok.

Last night was the results show and they announced Hines Ward as the winner of the Disco Ball Trophy. He did well throughout the season and it was well deserved. However, I am much more excited about the So You Think You can Dance premiere tomorrow!

Let’s Dance!


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